Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the hang glider controlled?

    The hang glider is controlled by weight shift. By moving the position at where your body hangs allows us to alter the balance of the glider, which allows it to go where we want. You will be surprised at how much control this gives us.
    If you like you are welcome to try flying the glider yourself after launching.

  • Is it Safe to fly a hang glider ?

    Yes, because with the experience of our pilots together with constant and proper maintenance of our gear. Also the numbers speak for themselves there are about 10.000 tandem flights done, in Rio, every year with no accidents!!

  • What experience do I need?

    No experience is required because the whole Flight is done under the full control of the pilot. The only things the passenger has to do are running about 7 steps during take off.

  • How long is the flight?

    A simple glide takes about 06 minutes, however, when conditions are soarable we’ll extend your flight as much as possible until 10 minutes.

  • Is there a need to book in advance?

    To make a reservation is highly recommended, our crew is at your service to take your call or email every day.

  • What's the duration of the whole tour?

    It Usually last 2hs including pick up service.

  • What is the best time to fly?

    We suggest always in the morning, the air is smoother and more stable.

  • Is it possible to fly on cloudy days?

    Rain does not necessarily mean the end of your hang-gliding adventure! Lightning or particularly strong winds may be a problem. Otherwise, cloudy and rainy days won’t stop us! Even then we will go ahead with our tandem flights adventure!

  • Can I bring friends and relatives to watch me flying?

    Yes, as long as there are free room on your tranfer.

  • Are there limits of age to go flying?

    16+ must be accompanied by parents. Seniors can fly as long as they’re capable to make the take off procedure. Many people in their 70’s have made it !

  • Is there a weight limit for flying?

    The weight limit: Hang Gliding is around 100kg/220 pounds – Paragliding 115kg/ 253 pounds

  • How should I dress?

    Wear comfortable clothing, on cooler days bringing a sweatshirt along might be a good idea considering the altitude of takeoff. Comfortable shoes that allow you to make the takeoff sprint and which won’t fall of during your flight. Beach sandals should be avoided.

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